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Join us as we applaud our dance students for their hard work and fundraise to support the building of our new studio!

Convalescence: A Healing Practice of Dance & Music

April 19, 7pm

April 20, 2pm

Kennedy-King College

740 W 63rd Street

    Join us for the first presentation of our newest work, Convalescence. This piece is set to Clinically Designed Improvisatory Music (CDIM) which is proven to create feelings of calm and relaxation. Composers Clara Takarabe and H. Anton Riehl create an atmosphere where we can release and reflect through the power of the dissonant notes of CDIM music. In Convalescence we explore the healing properties of the arts through our choreographic interpretations of their highly unique composition. Tickets are donation based and we ask that you contribute at the level that you are able.

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